Shark Tank’s Barbara Corcoran Endorses Joe Manausa Real Estate

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Tallahassee, FL)—Joe Manausa Real Estate recently announced that the firm has yet another reason to celebrate. The experienced team of professionals has earned an endorsement from Shark Tank’s Barbara Corcoran. The successful New York-based real estate investor has called Joe Manausa “Tallahassee’s Best Realtor,” noting his unrelenting commitment to getting his clients’ … Continue readingShark Tank’s Barbara Corcoran Endorses Joe Manausa Real Estate


(Tallahassee, FL)—Joe Manausa Real Estate recently announced that the firm has yet another reason to celebrate. The experienced team of professionals has earned an endorsement from Shark Tank’s Barbara Corcoran. The successful New York-based real estate investor has called Joe Manausa “Tallahassee’s Best Realtor,” noting his unrelenting commitment to getting his clients’ homes sold quickly and for the best price.

“I’ve just recently returned from New York City having met with Barbara Corcoran and shot a new commercial with her which will air on both CBS and ABC within the next few weeks. Barbara is a sharp businesswoman who built New York’s largest real estate firm from the ground up, and she knows a worthwhile firm when she sees one. Her endorsement is truly an honor for our entire team and we are grateful that she has taken the time to tell others about our services,” said Joe Manausa, the experienced real estate agent at the helm of Joe Manausa Real Estate.

The Joe Manausa Real Estate team provides representation for both home buyers and sellers looking to conduct transactions in the real estate market. Their team is all about the art of the deal, making sure that both buyers and sellers get the best return possible on their investment. Those looking to buy or sell a home can learn more about Joe Manausa Real Estate’s services here at the company’s website.

Manausa went on to say, “Barbara Corcoran’s number one recommendation for those who are considering selling their home is to take the time to find an experienced agent who will do more than list the home in the MLS and host an open house or two. We spend a lot of money to ensure that the sellers we work with have multiple buyers knocking down their doors to make an offer and are fully committed to doing whatever is necessary to close the deal. We sincerely appreciate Barbara’s endorsement of our hard work and look forward to our upcoming collaborative projects.”

About Joe Manausa Real Estate:

Joe Manausa Real Estate is a Tallahassee-based veteran-owned and operated brokerage firm. Specializing in helping families move quickly, the firm has a track record of selling a home every 18 hours. With years of experience helping local buyers and sellers get exactly what they need, the Joe Manausa Real Estate team knows how to locate the finest properties and negotiate the best deals. It’s their job to know about the latest market conditions, government regulations, and upcoming developments — so that clients don’t have to.

Zoomek Launches Brand New Real Estate Search Website


(Tallinn, Estonia)—Zoomek recently announced the launch of their new real estate website. On a mission to help hopeful home buyers and renters find their dream property quickly and easily, the site is equipping them with the ability to search for available homes located anywhere in the world from the comfort of their current surroundings. The newly-launched is currently available for users to search for homes free of charge.

“We could not be more excited to announce the launch of Zoomek. Our team understands how difficult it can be to find the perfect home, especially when a person doesn’t have time to visit every single location in which they are interested in living. Rather than having to search multiple real estate websites or endlessly typing zip codes and addresses into a search bar, we have instead put the entire world map at every renter and buyer’s fingertips. All they have to do is move the map to their desired location and use the zoom feature to explore the terrain and find eligible properties,” said Alex Wilson of Zoomek.

A simple flip of the switch into satellite view turns the Zoomek map into a topographical mastery tool, allowing users to get a better feeling for the natural land view and land lot dimensions of a particular property. Because the Zoomek team never relies on third party services and gets their listings direct from each seller, searchers can rest assured that all properties found through are still on the market and actively for sale or rent.

Wilson went on to say, “Whether someone is on the lookout for USA Homes for Sale or wants to live in one of the other 195 countries around the world, Zoomek can help them find what they are looking for. Our detailed home listings include information like lot borders, internal and external photos, and house facts so that nothing is left to the imagination. Using our site, buyers and renters can have peace of mind as they search for a place they can call home.”

About Zoomek:

The core goal of Zoomek’s service is to provide the easiest possible way of search of both international and local homes for sale or rent. Advanced search capabilities allow visitors to tune parameters to find exactly what they are looking for. Switching map into satellite mode provides natural land view and gives a better understanding of the selected area, house location and land lot dimensions.

If You Think You Understand Sales, Then This Might Change Your Mind

Importance to Sell House Quickly and Get Cash Fast There are a lot of people who doubt that they can actually sell their home as fast as possible and get the cash directly from direct buyers. Some people are in a rush to sell their house as quick as possible because they will have situations like they have to transfer to a new home and such. Some people will even ask help from real estate cash buyers to get the payment as soon as possible. The usual real estate cash buyers are into the business of buying houses that are in rush sale and put them up for rent so that they can earn from the investment. And the benefit you get from real estate cash buyers is that they will have cash in hand to pay you directly as soon as they purchase the home. Real estate cash buyers are favorable to deal with and conduct a transaction with since they will be buying homes for cash. But some people will think what if they are not able to get the cash right away even after the house they have has been purchased by the real estate cash buyers. But there will be some important key points that will help you deal with real estate cash buyers.
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These cash buyers are also known as real estate investors and they are really needed if you want to get the cash from your house right away after they purchase your house.
If You Read One Article About Sales, Read This One
If you are going to need fast cash, these real estate cash buyers will be the people that you need in this type of situation. They will have cash in hand and that will mean that when they like your house, they buy it and pay you as soon as the transaction is done. The real estate cash buyers are buying houses for cash not for their own use but actually putting them up for rent and get profit from it. A real estate cash buyer will always want to go for an easy transaction, that is why they go for people selling houses that will take less problems. A house that will be looking for direct buyers is what a real estate cash buyer will be looking for since they need to renew their inventory every time they get the chance to do it so that they can keep their business alive for a long time. If you think you get less if you sell to investors, that is not true, it is pretty much the same as selling to anyone else. The difference is that they will have the cash to pay you immediately and that is the important thing especially when you are looking for money.

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Why Is It Beneficial To Sell Your House Online for Cash? There are many reasons why you will want to sell your house; whatever reason you may have, you should never leave out the thought of selling your house online for cash. You might wonder why we are suggesting you sell your house online for cash; the reason for this is because you will be provided with so many benefits if you do so. As you probably already know, selling something online will provide you with great convenience. It is actually easy for people to accept that selling houses online is very beneficial. But this article is not only about selling your house online, but selling your house for cash. It can be harder to accept the fact of selling your house for cash online then to solely sell it online. So today, we will talk about all the wonderful benefits that selling your house for cash online can provide for you. Here are the benefits. One of the greater benefits to selling your house to companies that buy houses for cash is that it will allow you to save money. Of course, one reason why you are selling your house is to get money; but you can have even more money if you sell your cash to companies that buy houses for cash. You might wonder how this can be. But it is true because companies that buy houses for cash will buy the house no matter what condition it is in; so you can save money by no longer needing to repair or maintain the house. So without having to spend for repair and maintenance, you will be able to save more money. Another really great benefit to selling your house for cash is that your house will be sold quickly. And when you are in a hurry to sell your house, this benefit will be really great for you. Sales fall through will no longer hinder you from selling your house to a buyer. If your buyer is not able to get a loan, then they will have to back out from buying your house and that can be really frustrating and disappointing. No more disappointments when you sell your house for cash as you only need to receive the money and give your house; no more complications with loans and everything. As simple as that.
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And finally, selling your house for cash online also has a great benefit for the online part. And that benefit about selling your house online is that you will be provided with so much convenience. It will be super simple to find a buyer if you make your house available online because there are more and more people turning to the internet to find houses to buy. So when your house is available through the internet, then you will experience a whole lot of convenience by finding a buyer immediately.If You Read One Article About Sales, Read This One

The 10 Most Unanswered Questions about Sales

Current Real Estates Trends That Are Going to Swept You Off Your Feet

Real estate seems to be never a thing of the past. It is continuously improving and booming. And with the arrival of the new year, you should just be prepared to see and experience something new and better. These are the real estate trends.


One of the things that really make the real estate market is the interest rate. And regardless of whether you are the seller or the acquirer of a real estate property, you will surely be affected by every small and big move of interest rates. Interest rates for the year 2017 are expected to rise. This will help the market to boom all the more. It is, of course, likely for mortgage rates to also increase. This will be an awesome opportunity for those in the business to make profits. But this is not too big for buyers to really worry. According to experts, this increase will not go beyond 5 percent.


With the boom of the real estate industry comes many other opportunities for those who will need to deal with real estate. But much more when you are going to purchase property. The boom in real estate has encouraged many people to finance home loan and real estate loan financing seekers. And being a buyer, it will provide favor to you if you are seeking and buying a real estate property at the point when the market is experiencing a stiff competition. That would mean there will be more options. Aside from that, loan opportunities also abound, so it will not be difficult for you to secure a borrowing.


The positive perspective of experts toward the real estate industry in this year and for the years to come has just opened up many new opportunities for many kinds of people. This will provide a great advantage to individuals in the look out for real estate products. There are likely to be a great selection of homes for sale when many individuals and companies becoming willing to open a housing venture. And when there are more homes, that means you are likely to find the best and the right home for you. This is in contrast with having less options that are not suited to your preference and may even be very expensive.

Do you think that you will have something to do with the real estate industry? If you are then knowing the trends in real estate is a must-know for you.

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Smart Ideas: Sales Revisited

The Fundamental of Real Estate Investment If you are interested in investing in the real estate market, then there are some things you should know. The first thing you should bear in mind is that the entire real estate investment process is very challenging. Aside from that, you have to remember that investing in the real estate market consumes a lot your resources as well as your time. Another important aspect will be finding the ideal property for your investment. Additionally, you have to ensure that this property of yours is kept well maintained and in good condition if you want to sell it to potential buyers. It is also vital that you get to keep a record of your finances so that you are well updated of the selling potential of your property. In spite of all of these things, being a real estate investor is quite rewarding especially if you exert that much effort in making sure that you investments put you at an advantage. Now, this is only attainable with some aid of useful guidelines regarding real estate investments. Thankfully, you have stumbled upon this article, so there is no more need for you to be worried about embarking in real estate investment. Building a reliable real estate network is the first thing that you should consider doing. Though you can always deal with real estate investments on your own, it will be much easier that you work with the right individuals to help you out with everything. You have to remember though that the team that you will be choosing needs to be comprised of people of different professions to help you out with different things. For instance, to ensure that your real estate investment goes on as planned, you should have an appraiser, an accountant, an agent, a mortgage broker, and a lawyer. Nonetheless, it is vital that you do not just easily hire somebody. You have to make sure to check each of the profiles of the team that you wish to build so that you are guaranteed the success of your real estate investment venture. Another thing you can consider doing is getting some helpful advice from people that you know who are particularly knowledgeable about real estate investments. This guarantees you that you will not be making the same mistakes these people have made in doing real estate investments. You can even get more real estate investment advice from your friends and work colleagues. You can even try asking some of your family members and friends, especially those that are familiar with the topic. Even so, if you are more after the recommendations from experts in the field of real estate, then it is vital that you seek the expert help from reliable real estate investors.The Essential Laws of Houses Explained

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Why Sales Aren’t As Bad As You Think

Importance of Having a Real Estate Broker Handling your own real estate or managing it by yourself will be pretty hard, especially when you are a one man team and also you lack the knowledge to handle these important matters. You have to know that there will be different types of properties and you have to understand each one and how to sell them properly. That can be a very tedious task if you lack knowledge, that is why you have to consider hiring a professional, but the question is, what kind of professional? You have to make sure that you will have the best real estate agent backing you up, they will be very helpful when you will be handling with anything that concerns real estate. You have to ask help from the experts so that you will have an easier time in handling or managing any type of real estate that you own. The list one realty can be very important for your real estate owners. There will be hundreds of different types of property that will be for sale and it is important that you have vast understanding on some good real estate services because you might end up losing some investments.
The Path To Finding Better Homes

What Do You Know About Sales
And you can see it in the name of the profession, real estate agent, so it means that they will know everything there is to know about real estate and even better, they now the game better than you. When you hire a good professional, they will be able to help you and that is for certain. You will have no regrets with hiring such people. They will have the knowledge and the experience in real estate management and they can help you. If you want to know more about real estate and managing them, you will have to do a lot of research and you must always bear in mind that the more you know, the more you earn since knowledge will always be an advantage in business. If you want to go above anyone else that is also into selling and managing real estate, you have to work hard for it, ask help from professionals and slowly understand the system so that you can also help the professional and you will be able to earn more. But you have to make sure that you have the best real estate agent and real estate service so that you will have a even bigger advantage. It is really important to work on that. If you are able to accomplish these things, you will certainly see the advantage you have over the other competitors.

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Fast Cash Home Sales: A Guide Selling a house can be a costly affair, depending on how you will sell your house. If you choose to sell your house through a real estate agent, then you have to think about their charges, which will increase the price of your house and reduce its competitiveness in terms of price. You will also have to look at repairs, either minor repairs or major repairs. This will enhance the standards of your house giving it a competitive edge in the market. Cash sale on the other hand, is a good way to sell your house. You will not have to put up with realtors commission and some of their other requirements. You will market your home as it is. This will save you a lot of money that would have been used in repair and time. Below are the benefits of a cash sale solution to your real estate problem. Fast closing Cash sales is just a quick means of buying or selling house. With a cash sale, you will not have to deal with bank process that slows down the process. With cash sales you miss several actions, like house inspections, creditor’s evaluation, top accreditation and insect inspections. You are able to shut in ten times or less. With cash sale, you will reduce the paperwork involved with buying and selling a house. This gives both you and the buyer an easy time during the process.
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Get the correct value of the home
News For This Month: Houses
Whenever you market your home utilizing money, you’ll obtain the accurate worth of one’s house. You will not have to set high prices when selling so that you can accommodate the real estate agents commission. This will give your property a competitive edge in the market about great price. You will not have to deal with other hidden costs and closing costs. Repairs and remodeling Unlike selling a house via a realtor, cash sale doesn’t need you to perform repairs in your home. Whenever you attempt to transform your home to provide it, a competitive advantage on the market you may wind up paying a lot of money. Obtaining a classic house to some standing that is appropriate during examination could be difficult. With cash sales, you will not have to go through all this. When you find an investor and land on a great deal, he/she is prepared to purchase your home as it is, with all the defects. This saves you a great deal of money and time that would have otherwise been spent through the process of repair and remodeling.

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The Advantages of Selling Your Home to an Online Investor Even today, it is undeniable what great impact the global economic crisis has brought upon the real estate market. The real estate market rebounding is still far from reach and impossible as of the moment. This is one of the reasons why selling your home fast these days is very hard to achieve. Well, you could console yourself with the fact that the market conditions this year are much better compared last year, but you are still slapped with the reality of losing a lot of sale when you sell your house. This is because most of the time, you will be having a hard time looking for potential buyers who are guaranteed to pay you the amount you are demanding for the house that you are selling. Even so, these things should not be reasons why you cannot sell your house now. You should know that selling your house fast in the real estate market of today is still very possible. Because of the impending global economic crisis, making profit out of selling your home is not as promising. Yet, you get to minimize loss and be able to sell your house fast if you make use of the right strategies as well as go through appropriate channels.
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When it comes to successfully selling your house, it usually takes the range of 8 to 12 months in some areas. But, if you are desperate enough to make a quick sale of the house you are living because of certain reasons, then tapping conventional channels is not wise. In this scenario, the only way for you to sell your house quick and to attract a lot of potential buyers is to lower your asking price in comparison to its value in the current real estate market. In addition, there may even be a need for you to renovate, repair, and beautify your home if you want to attract a lot of potential buyers as they may have to inspect it at any time.
The 10 Best Resources For Homes
If you do not want any of these additional expensive repairs, then it is highly recommended that you get in touch with companies that buy houses in exchange for cash. This is the best option that you will have to take because of the current real estate market conditions that put you in a place where you have to spend on repairs and lower your asking price. This does not even guarantee that you can immediately make a sale of your house, you have to wait for any buyer who is willing to pay for its full market price. There may be some companies that require you to lower your asking price if necessary; however, you need not deal anymore with spending money on its repairs. This is due to the fact that these companies are just willing to pay for your house in whatever condition they may be. In addition, you need not wait for your house to be sold in the real estate market because they will be the ones who will do it themselves.

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Tips When Searching for Cash for Homes Experts There are those legitimate and reputable companies which are paying cash for homes quickly. Such companies know that there are those people who need to sell right at once. They cannot wait for the agent to list their property in the local newspaper by their effort to try to attract the buyers. The realtors will have various suggestions for selling the home fast. However, each of them will cost you cash, in the long-run or in a short amount of time. They may want to make such virtual tour to post online. Make sure that you pay for such cost when you are going to create a video. They would probably say that your home doesn’t have such curb appeal that means that you must do some landscaping. If you would do the work for yourself or hire another person, the landscaping will surely cost you some cash.
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Every small thing that is wrong with the home should be repaired. When you would show this to the prospective buyers, things must be spotless and when there are those that are scheduled to visit the house, the family has to be away.
5 Uses For Sales
Because of this, trying to sell the house through going through a realtor can be a hassle. The companies which offer cash for houses, in any condition, would take such hassle out of the process. When you have just transferred from one part of the country to another country, you need to have the money to pay for the new place to live while paying for the costs required to maintain the current home. When you are facing repossession, it is certainly not unusual to get behind those payments. Such is nothing to be ashamed of. With such type of interest rates that the banks give, they should be the ones who must become ashamed. The companies which are offering cash for homes can definitely save you from embarrassment and would also save the reputation from repossession. You might like to stay in your house but you must have money for the bills. What you could do is to sell it and then rent it back. There are many reasons that one person would need to go out of the home quickly. Irrespective of the situation which you are in nowadays, it could be better in a week or probably less when you could just sell the house. When selling it, then you may just contact a company that provides cash for homes. In 24 hours, you may have the relief that you wish to experience. Ensure that you would do your research to find the best company that you should go for.